What To Know Before Bidding On The Best Auction Domains PBN 2018

You probably have great plans for your upcoming network and want to move a notch higher and start searching for some high-quality domains. Well, if that’s your situation, this post will help you learn how to find clean yet spam-free domains with excellent metrics, all for a fair price. Let us dig into what you should know before settling on the best auction domains PBN 2018.

What are PBN Domains?

Private Blog Network (PBN) Domains are an auction or expired domains that usually have inbound backlinks from very high authority sites and be utilized for Search Engine Optimization to improve your search engine ranking. Domains are the foundation of any network, and arguably an essential aspect of the equation. The major difference between newly registered domains and ones SEO uses for PBNs is that the auction and expired domains have an existing link profile which is used to channel that authority to your money site.

Domain Spam Checks

Having clean Wayback history and anchor texts is crucial for the success of any PBN site. No one wants to rush into grabbing a domain that was previously used as a gambling site, pharma or phishing site unless you’re in the mentioned niches. There are an array of tools that let you browse the history of the domain you intend to buy and see what it was like in the past. In most cases, domains with a good history usually have very minimal changes, probably the design but the niche remains the same.

On the flip side, if you see Chinese letters or drastic changes in the niche it implies that the specific domain was used for spam and isn’t an ideal candidate for your intended network.

Auction, Expired and Backorder Domains ?” What is the Difference?

There’s lots of confusion regarding this topic. What exactly are backorder domains and are they superior to expired domains? What are auction domains and how can they be compared to the former two? Let’s find out.

Expired Domains

The owner bought a domain name, hosted a site (or not) but then either forgot to renew it or decided that he has no more use for it. Either way, there is still a chance for you to register this domain as your own. Additionally, if there was a good website on the domain, there is a high chance that you’ll have quality links pointing your way and for SEO purposes, that is pure gold because you’re getting backlinks with little effort.

Backorder/Expiring Domains

Backorder domains are due to expire in the next few days which implies that they are still on their original registrar but the owner is not in a position to renew them. Registrars normally hold the domains before releasing them for resale through auctions and backorders. You can request a backorder service to withhold the domain for you but at a cost. If successful, they’ll take the money you had previously deposited and you’ll now own a new domain name.

Auction Domains

Expiring domains can also be considered to be auction domains if more than one party is interested in the specific domain. Auction domains are the most expensive of the former and potentially the most powerful. In the modern-day world, auctions are extremely competitive and you might spend hundreds of dollars on a domain name.

So what’s the best way to find the best auction domains PBN 2018? The truth is that expired domains work like a charm with the exception that must wait longer in order to feel their effect. Auction and backorder domains, on the other hand, are for people with a higher budget, are more powerful and kick in much faster.