Best SEO Colorado Springs 2018

Best SEO Colorado Springs 2018 Techniques To Get Noticed Online

With a population of over 450,000 inhabitants, Colorado Springs is a market that you cannot afford to neglect if you own a business in the area. And with 85% of consumers using the Internet regularly to look up local businesses (according to Search Engine Land), you need to use the best SEO Colorado Springs 2018 techniques to get noticed online.

Reach Out To Colorado Springs Users

How do businesses reach out to local users online? You should focus on three platforms to boost your local rankings – your official website, online directories and Google My Business.

Start By Optimizing Your Site For Local Searches

Get your site to rank higher for local searches by using more keywords related to Colorado Springs and nearby locations. Local users will probably use ‘Colorado Springs’ as a keyword, but tourists might use ‘El Paso County’ or even refer to the nearby Front Range in their searches. The name and address of your business should be featured on every page of your website. Embed a map and list hours and directions to make your business easier to find. Focus on creating content that will make Internet users want to visit your place of business while answering their questions.

Claim Your Listing In Online Directories

Google will check your business’ NAP to determine how your business ranks in search results, in Google Places and on Google Plus. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number and you can increase your visibility by making sure that your NAP is consistent and is listed on several directories. Claim your business listing on local and national directories and change your information if necessary. Add your NAP to your header or footer and to your social media profiles. Make sure every site, social media profile and directory has the exact same information listed.

Familiarize Yourself With Google My Business

Using Google My Business is probably the most important best SEO Colorado Springs 2018 technique that business owners need to familiarize themselves with. Google My Business is an online tool that gives you more control over the information displayed by Google in search results and on Google Maps and Places. Once you claim your listing on Google My Business, you will be able to add more details such as your opening hours, your contact information, a menu or a list of services that you provide. You will also be able to check reviews and respond to them – which is crucial since a study from Search Engine Land found that 49% of online users check online reviews when looking for local businesses. Adding more details and photographs on Google My Business will make your business more noticeable to local users and will contribute to higher rankings.

What Is Changing In 2018?

You need to think ahead and develop SEO strategies that will help you increase your rankings for 2018. Google and other search engines have been focusing on developing algorithms that detect high-quality content and that make sure users have an ideal experience when visiting websites. This trend will continue and you need to make sure your site loads quickly, provides users with the information they want and is optimized for mobile users. It is also likely that you will be competing with an increasing number of ads displayed in search results, on Google Maps and on social media. Think about investing in ads to target local users or look for ways to target smaller groups of local users who are looking for something that only your business would offer, for instance by adding more details to your Google My Business profile. Ratings and reviews will become more important than ever and you should not hesitate to ask your customers to take the time to rate and review your business on Google. And don’t limit your efforts to Google since mobile users can easily look for local businesses on different apps, including social media and apps like Yelp, FourSquare, TripAdvisor or Apple Maps.

You should think about reaching out to a best SEO Colorado Springs 2018 agency or expert to create a strategy that will help you stay competitive. You can improve your visibility online by developing a quality website optimized for local searches, by making sure your NAP is consistent and by using Google My Business but working with a professional might be a good way to identify the areas that should be prioritized and to develop an approach that is adapted to your target audience and their online habits.